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We are a culturally curious collective of creative aficionados.

When Fathom Was Fathomed

In 1994, Drew Mitchell launched an idealistic dream to build a fiercely talented team of super nice people with deep expertise in branding and graphic design.

We have since grown in both size and service offerings to better support our clients’ wide array of needs. Over the past two decades, we’ve learned new styles, tactics, and technology that help us push our creativity—and your brand—past all limits.

One thing that hasn’t changed? Our big-hearted teammates who would instantly give you their custom screen printed shirt off their backs if you needed it.

What's In A Name?

“Fathom” is both a measurement of depth as well as a euphemism for understanding. Our tagline, “think deeper” combines these in a manner that reflects both our brand philosophy and process of working inside-out to ensure a brand’s core is what drives surface visuals.

We believe a brand is made up of how you talk, how you act, and how you look. These three dimensions inspired our team to design our structural, 3-dimensional logo as a visual representation of our philosophy.

You can find us on 14th Street in the heart of Logan Circle.

We bought our 150-year-old building back in 2006 and have since renovated the space from top to bottom.

The former brake shop in the historic “Automobile Row”–now a thriving cultural hub–is home to our studio, gallery, and suite. We also welcomed Slipstream (craft coffee and cocktails) to our space in 2015.