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Fighting Obesity


Mrs. Obama’s message about our responsibility to our children’s health resonates with any audience. The most influential members of those audiences are able to change our dire obesity situation  they are our nation’s commercial industry corporations.

The PHA Summit is flagship event for bringing together the greatest business minds of our time to solve the problem of childhood obesity. It is the corporate arm of the “Let’s Move!” initiative.

For over 4 years Fathom has been helping PHA evolve its Summit brand experience to cater to a changing attendee demographic. The addition of textures, icons, and fresh photography helped capture the vibrancy of the subject matter and the energy of the “Let’s Move!” campaign, without deviating from the original intent of the brand.
The full campaign consisted of a modular logo with detachable mark, a full suite of mailer materials, on-site signage, digital signage, a presence on the PHA website, plus a myriad of giveaways, tchotchkes, and other collateral.