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Rappahannock Food Pantry


Bringing New Life to a Brand That Nourishes the Community

Rappahannock Food Pantry is a non-profit organization based in Rappahannock County, Virginia, dedicated to addressing food insecurity within its community. They approached our creative team seeking a refreshed visual identity that captures the essence of the organization while resonating with its current and future audience.

The new Rappahannock Food Pantry brand introduces a fresh look centering around the idea of community and togetherness in a playful tone. The logo is simple, approachable, and rooted in nature. It features a serif font that strikes a delicate balance between softness and formality. The addition of a leaf motif to the stem of the letter “k” brings an organic, natural element that reinforces the idea of nourishment and growth.

Hand-drawn illustrations of fresh produce and food items sit at the heart of the brand. To maintain a sense of continuity and recognition, we retain the pantry’s familiar color palette, featuring tones that are warm and bright.

This visual identity reinforces the organization’s sense of unity and belonging. It not only reflects the pantry’s mission but also invites the community to actively participate and support this vital cause.

This is such wonderful work and we appreciate your effort so much...we can’t thank you enough for your tireless and patient work on this project with the Food Pantry Board.