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Formerly known as The Banner & Witcoff Corporate Intellectual Property Seminar, we gave a face lift (and much-needed renaming) to this gathering of super-smart lawyers.
Banner & Witcoff is the top intellectual property law firm in the nation. Their firm is comprised of the most influential, innovative, creative thinkers in the business. Every year WITCON brings together the top law minds for a summit where the latest news and knowledge of intellectual property law is poured over. Bring your A-game and your Mensa-level IQ score for sure. Prior to 2014, their flagship event didn’t have the most catchy name to say the least. Since Fathom was trusted by B&W to redesign their overall brand and website in previous engagements, we were the perfect choice to reinvigorate the conference and create a memorable, modern feel that helped convey the stature of such an innovative event.
In addition to devising a new name for the conference, we used an image of the tesseract (or hypercube) as an icon/mark to hone in on the heady, slightly geeky atmosphere of the top minds in attendance. A tesseract is a dimensional representation of a 4-dimensional object; it’s a very difficult shape to comprehend, very complex, unconventional, and yet so powerful…. just like IP law. The tesseract represents an evolution of thought, the perfect symbol for a conference representing the leading-edge of intellectual law.
B&W were extremely happy with the results of their new conference look & feel. Since it’s inception we’ve continued to improve the brand with minor visual adjustments to denote the current year’s activities and themes. Witcon now rolls off the tongues of the worlds top law firm marketing professionals, and proves that Banner & Witcoff is at the top of the intellectual heap.