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American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists


When it comes to women’s health, access is a loaded term. ACOG members from across the country convened in the nation’s capital to learn how to effectively advocate for their patients and address issues of access in their community.

Whether it’s advocating for better access to high-quality prenatal care for underserved populations or the opportunity for face-to-face access to the nation’s lawmakers, “ACOG IS ACCESS” reiterates ACOG’s leading role in advocacy and the benefits of being an ACOG member.

T-shirt, backpack, and pins with ACOG is Access campaign graphics

“We loved the work! You all are awesome!”

The visual identity pays tribute ACOG’s long-standing brand identity while introducing a fresh, bright palette and bold, condensed type to reflect the energy of the conference and entice younger ACOG members to attend. We also developed a series of guerrillamarketing- inspired stickers as a nod to their advocacy efforts.

Social media post mockup on an ipad with ACOG is Access campaign graphics