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Bodhi Kitchen


Transporting diners from the sandy shores to the eastern world.

Second Block Hospitality came to us in need of a brand for their up-and-coming Asian fusion restaurant, Bodhi Kitchen. The name, Bodhi, meaning a place of enlightenment is a place to escape and be transported somewhere new. Armed with blueprints and mood boards our team was ready to get to work.

As we jumped we were immediately inspired by one key feature… the moon gate. Not only is it an iconic shape, it is through it the visitors travel to a new world. We also knew we wanted the brand to be bold and high contrast, making a statement in the seaside town of Rehoboth Beach.

While the moon gate is instantly recognizable we also wanted to infuse a bit of personality into the brand. Enter the foo dog. As diners eagerly approach Bodhi Restaurant they are also welcomed by two large foo dogs flanking the iconic door. We knew this was an opportunity to give the restaurant a fierce yet endearing mascot that would be carried throughout the rest of the brand.

And again wow we are all blown away by the creativity and design everyone came up with. Thank you so much.

Since Bodhi Kitchen has unveiled its moon door, foodies have flocked to enjoy its decadent cuisine and also travel from the beach to a new vacation destination.

Photography: @HeartbeatBrandingCo