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The Treehouse Lounge


Blending Nature and Design for Treehouse Lounge

Second Block Hospitality approached us to develop a new visual identity and materials for their exciting, new lounge in Rehoboth Beach, The Treehouse Lounge. They created an inviting and casual escape in the beachy town and wanted elevated designs to support their new space. Our brand collateral beautifully compliments the excellent interior design of this unique location, which offers a delightful selection of drinks, small plates, and desserts.

Inspired by nature and decor in the lounge itself, we incorporated elements from the surrounding environment into the visuals. The mesmerizing patterns of driftwood adds captivating movement to the backgrounds, evoking the rhythmic waves of the nearby ocean. The carefully curated color palette exudes a fresh and inviting vibe that perfectly complements the lounge’s ambiance while staying on brand.

This all is beyond incredible!

Our distinct visual identity system set the SBH team on a clear path for the Lounge to expand and grow for years to come. If you find yourself in Rehoboth Beach be sure to stop in to experience the seamless blend of nature-inspired aesthetics at the Treehouse Lounge.