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Dock 79


MRP Realty came to Fathom to brand the largest single-site residential development in DC, right across from where the Washington Nationals play. We hit it out of the ballpark.


Washington, DC is a dynamic urban landscape with a vibrant and growing community of diverse people who work here, play here, and craft their lifestyles from the streets of the nation’s capital. The Southeast Waterfront has long remained an untapped area, positioned perfectly to shine as DC’s newest river jewel.

With several neighboring areas already growing such as The Wharf and The Yards MRP wanted to stake their claim in this hotbed of real estate activity with what would become the top residential property in the area.

We were inspired by two overarching themes following the creative brief and competitive landscape research the past and the future. The Florida Rock Concrete Company was the previous property owner and tenant since 1979. We wanted to pay homage to the company with a tribute to the original bedrock and foundation design schemes.

Looking to the future, we wanted to illustrate where the location was headed in the larger picture view of the city. We used bright, vibrant colors and a dynamic approach to a living logo which introduces the area as a lively place to be.

Eventually we married both concepts. Old and new. History and vision. We created an amalgam that matched the complex target audience we sought to entice. The blue and green overlaid shapes represent the combination of land and sea, amenities and view, affordability and sophistication.

The logo mark is made from the overlapped shapes of DC and the actual shape of the site. The Docks were born on April 20, 2015. The name for this first site? Dock 79.