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FAA Performance and Accountability Report 2023


Each year Fathom is challenged to produce a new and engaging visual theme for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Performance and Accountability Report. Along with the creative concept for the document our team of skilled publication designers bring the report to life through thoughtful and precise layout of the content, data visualization and curated photography.

The 2023 iteration of the report spans almost 200 pages and is brimming with color. We paired historic photography provided by the FAA and carefully sourced stock imagery to bring the report to life. The report includes nearly 100 data tables as well as data visualization and infographics. Each year we provide the FAA with a selection of fresh design options from which to choose. The production process involves a number of tight turnarounds which we meet with ease given the extensive history between both parties.

We also produce a 4-page executive summary of the report and both publications are delivered in digital formats as 508-compliant PDFs, and are made available to the public on the FAA’s website. In addition, Fathom arranges a small-run printing of spiral-bound physical copies.

In 2023, the FAA Performance and Accountability Report won the Association of Government Accountants CEAR Best in Class Award for Clear, Concise Performance Highlights.