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NAPABA 35th Anniversary


When NAPABA approached us to spotlight their 35th-anniversary convention, we faced an exciting challenge: honoring this moment for the nation’s largest Asian-Pacific American legal group. Representing 60,000 voices strong, NAPABA unites attorneys, judges, and students yearly to celebrate achievements, forge bonds, and uplift marginalized communities. 

Thank you again for creating such a beautiful concept for our branding.

Our visuals mirrored the energy of this movement – dynamic typography, vibrant gradients, and photo collages depicted NAPABA’s living history. The end result? An identity as bold and bursting with pride as the community it represents.

The convention’s soaring attendance proved this spark resonates. Over 2,100 legal minds convened, including a remarkable 700 first-timers, reinforcing NAPABA’s role as a forum for unity, empowerment, and building a justice system that leaves no one behind. For 35 years and counting, NAPABA has fought to shape an America true to its promise of opportunity for all. We felt honored to visually capture this community still rising.