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USAF Family Advocacy Program



The Department of the Air Force Family Advocacy Program (USAF FAP) came to us to breathe new life into their brand that felt non inclusive, dated, and cold. 

The mission of the Department of the Air Force Family Advocacy Program is to create a healthy community through developing programs that provide support, education, and resources for Airmen, Guardians, and families.


We took on the challenge of creating a hopeful and inclusive brand that would inspire those involved with the Family Advocacy Program as well as motivate them to continue their work in building healthy communities.


The new emblem, internally known as ‘the Oak’ is a graphic representation of a tree with an arrow nestled at its core. Oaks are known for their stability, strength, and their ability to reach great heights.

"I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our program.  We are so grateful for the work and attention you put into helping us be better."

The final result was a brand that uplifts both those providing and receiving support from the Family Advocacy Program. It also feels at home with the USAF and Space Force Brands—which gives the Program credibility and continuity. 



Not only that, it encourages all involved with Family Advocacy Program to continue being an integral part in uplifting and supporting individuals and building healthy communities.