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USAF Band 75th Anniversary Vinyl LP


Celebrating 75 Years of Musical Excellence with the United States Air Force Band

We had the exciting opportunity and honor of collaborating with the United States Air Force Band to create a design package for their 75th anniversary vinyl LP. Led by our creative team we crafted a captivating LP package that captures the essence of the Air Force Band’s history and spirit.

Inspired by their iconic colors, we carefully curated a palette that exudes familiarity without leaning too masculine. On the cover, we weaved in different band imagery into a grand ’75’ type treatment for an impactful cover that radiates celebration and excitement.

When you open the booklet, a dynamic blue gradient sweeps across the pages, creating the sensation of an aircraft soaring through the night sky. The design uses a modern and clean aesthetic, punctuated by vibrant pops of bright yellow, directing attention to essential information and photography.

One of the project’s most impactful elements is a sprawling visual timeline, spanning the Air Force Band’s 75-year journey, complete with imagery and captions detailing various highlights and individuals within the organization.

"Thanks again for all your work. I know everyone here is so excited about the product."

The LP is something the USAF Band will be proud to bring to showcases and promotional events, confident that this historic milestone is on display through impactful design.