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Clarience Technologies


Clarience Technologies originally came to us as “Truck-Lite Holdings LLC” in need of a new name and identity that better reflected its new mission: providing total visibility to the commercial and recreational transportation industry. We created “Clarience” by combining clarity, the insight the company brings to its customers, and science, or how it is achieved.

The logo mark–what we call the “Beacon”–symbolizes total visibility and radiates outward to represent communication. The blue gradient subtly implies a source of light inside the mark, which adds depth and movement to the logo. The brand pattern conveys movement and emphasizes the company’s future-oriented mindset.

For the color palettewe selected an array of technology-inspired colors. We used the font Interstate to pay homage to their roots in the trucking. Fun fact: The Federal Highway Administration used Interstate for highway signage due to the font’s optimal legibility.

The new name and identity position Clarience Technologies as an innovative, future-facing leader in the transportation industry.