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ISFL Annual Report


When the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development sought our graphic design expertise for their annual International Impact Report, we knew we had to vividly capture the biodiversity sustained by their global programs. Our team curated photos from member countries, embracing the teal hues of nature. Peppered between vibrant images, digestible infographics depicted the tangible impact of 2022 initiatives and beyond.

This year, we pioneered an interactive new format—a clickable panel indexing each section of the report for reader navigation. The reception spoke volumes. IBRD received resounding praise for both the visual storytelling and their commitment to conservation efforts spanning continents. 

We really appreciate your great design work, responsiveness, and professionalism. It has been great to work with you again this year!

As partners in their mission, we are proud to have brought to life a publication that inspires action. Our collaboration with IBRD on their 2022 report tells an encouraging story of progress and potential when groups work hand-in-hand for communities and ecosystems worldwide.