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Nadia & Alf Taylor Foundation


“How can a new logo and visual identity give our mission a voice?”

That was our guiding question when the team at the Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation approached us. With over 15 years of providing education programs that uplift underserved communities globally, they were ready to amplify their mission. We felt honored to partner in developing an inspiring new brand that would capture their spirit of empowering the next generation of changemakers.

The logo features abstract individuals woven together, representing unity through diversity. Bursting with the energy and potential of those they serve, vibrant colors reflect the communities they uplift. The human forms break free into patterns inspired by African and South American textiles, speaking to donors worldwide while feeling familiar locally.

A woman holds a blue NATF branded bag against a blue wall

From our very first meeting we were impressed by your team’s professionalism; working with your team is exactly what successful business means to us.

A friendly sans-serif typeface pairs with an optimistic palette for an approachable and impactful brand. As the foundation pursues their goal of delivering solutions to combat inequality, this identity amplifies their voice to spread awareness. The vibrant new brand immediately resonated with the communities they serve, as evidenced by the enthusiastic reception during recent trips to their partners in Africa. Children proudly displayed handmade signs bearing the logo, tangible proof that the identity reflects the spirit of opportunity and empowerment NATF strives to provide.

Now fifteen years after their founding, their mission remains more relevant than ever – using design for good by reflecting their commitment to empowering global youth.

Mockup of the NATF annual report on a bright coral background
NATF enamel pins on a bright green background
A woman wearing a white shirt with the NATF logo holds an NATF brochure