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ISFL Annual Report


When BioCarbon Fund tapped us to design their 2023 annual report, we knew strategic visuals would showcase their emissions-reduction efforts. We handpicked photos highlighting those impacted—Colombian coffee growers to Indonesian farmers.

Vibrant full-bleed images bled across pages, enveloping readers in fertile forests and thriving communities. An earthy palette of deep greens and azure blues reinforced the environmental initiatives, while generous white space and clean sans-serif type amplified the beautiful photography and enhanced scannability.

The report looks gorgeous. The overall look and feel is perfect, the colors are beautiful, and the layout is easy to follow and polished.

Every design decision, from color palette to typography to photo bleeds, focused viewers on people empowered and landscapes preserved through sustainable programs. This visually compelling and intentional design earned raves for marrying function and aesthetics while spotlighting those uplifted. The report also marked the signing of the organization’s first ERPA signing in Ethiopia, setting the stage for further progress.