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Xylem Sustainability Report


Xylem approached us with a compelling challenge: to create a statement-making 2022 Sustainability Report that effectively showcases their sustainability initiatives, achievements, and ongoing efforts within the water industry. In response, we implemented a range of thoughtful solutions to address their needs and elevate the impact of the report.

Our redesign focused on two key aspects: impactful visual engagement and ease of comprehension. By incorporating streamlined elements and purpose-driven infographics, we ensured that the report would be visually captivating while conveying information in a clear and accessible manner. Furthermore, we took advantage of large, visually striking imagery, including photos taken by Xylem’s own employees. This approach fostered familiarity with their audience and added an authentic touch to the report.

Recognizing the importance of digital accessibility, we developed an interactive table of contents that allows for seamless navigation to every section of the document. This enhancement ensures that readers can effortlessly explore different aspects of Xylem’s sustainability journey, providing a user-friendly experience that aligns with modern digital expectations.

The report looks fantastic and we’re so happy with what we’ve been able to accomplish. We’ve been truly impressed by your team's work, flexibility, and responsiveness throughout this process.

To establish a strong association between Xylem and their sustainability initiatives, we leveraged their existing branding elements, typography, and color palette. By incorporating these visual elements throughout the report, we created a cohesive and recognizable identity that ties Xylem’s brand to their sustainability efforts. This approach reinforces their commitment to sustainability and enables stakeholders to easily identify Xylem’s initiatives in the context of their overall brand image.

Our approach to the Sustainability Report aimed to deliver an impactful and visually engaging asset in Xylem’s ongoing success story. Through thoughtful design choices, including purpose-driven infographics, captivating imagery, and interactive navigation features, we ensured that the report effectively showcases Xylem’s sustainability initiatives while being accessible and visually consistent with their brand.