ERT has led data collection in the clinical and healthcare industries for over 40-years.

Over the last three years, Fathom has worked closely on projects with the ERT team, initially on a website redesign and then on other branding and digital projects. During this time, we have become an extension of ERT as we continue to help them communicate to their customers and reach their strategic goals.

In early Fall of 2016, they came to us with a completely new rebrand. This new identity included changes across the board to all of their products and services, as well as their entire communication strategy. Armed with this brand, they tasked us with redesigning their website one more time to reflect their new identity.

With an aggressive timeline bestowed upon us, they wanted to build an entirely new website from the ground up, while simultaneously crafting new messaging and visual elements not yet defined in their brand guidelines.

From the onset of the project, Fathom’s creative and user experience team reshaped the way content would be organized on the site, focused on the “Four Pillars” of ERT’s new product structure. Our recommendations were incorporated into a sitemap with different navigation levels, which set the stage for our wireframing process. After the site map was approved, we faced a different hurdle: working on content and design simultaneously, instead of from a content-first perspective. As a solution, our team developed 22 “Content Modules” – templates designed based on content outlines that would eventually fit the copy as it’s completed. Because of this, we were able to streamline content development, in addition to giving the development team templates so they could start coding early.

On the technical side, our objectives were to combine 2 websites (ERT and ERThealth websites), preserve some of the elements of the old website for integrating with translations systems, following the EU’s rules on the use of “cookies” on the web browsers, integrating their Pardot Marketing Automation System and several other items.  In addition, we knew that we would need to both minimize the training requirements on a new content administration system with the staff used to the old system and keep the page load times fast, especially given the new consolidated site structure.

The project is still in production and slated to launch early 2017, but there is little doubt that the new website will clearly convey the new Four Pillars strategy, load fast, work on all devices and create a better communication platform for ERT’s customers.